Some Case Studies


An example of good teamwork!

Hugo presented with a history of bucking, misbehaving at events and not going forwards well.


On examination he was not moving well on his right hind, but there was not an obvious lameness. On discussion with his owner we treated him with chiropractic, finding fixations in the upper neck, lumbar spine and in particular the right sacro-iliac joint. 


At re-examination 4 weeks later his spine had improved allowing him to move straighter. It was now clear that there was a mild lameness in his right hind limb and he was positive to flexion test on this leg. The fixations in his spine had mostly improved, but the sacro-iliac joint was no better on the right. Hugo was referred to his vet for a lameness investigation.


His lameness was localised to the hocks and the right hind sacro-iliac joint. These were medicated with cortisone injections. A week after the injections hugo re-commenced treatment with chiropractic.


This time the sacro-iliac joint responded much better to treatment and with the combination of both medicating the joint and chiropractic care over two months Hugo was sound, moving forwards and with a good straight action.


After the final treatment Hugo's owner Rachel was relieved to have her horse back to his normal self: "I'm soooo pleased I've not stopped smiling all day can't wait to get going on him again.  It's great to have you both (Annie and Nikki, Hugo's normal vet) working together- it was such a nightmare when everyone said he was a naughty boy and to get on with it when he's such a sweet horse and I knew there must be something wrong". 

Rachel's mum can't bear to watch the bucking!!

We knew he could do it!


A curious case!

Dennis is a 3 year old gelding who had just been broken in. One of his field companions had kicked him on his left shoulder leaving an infected wound in the muscle. He received several weeks of antibiotic treatment at a veterinary clinic before being discharged.


On the first examination the muscle around the left shoulder was inflamed and very firm and painful on palpation. This was restricting the forward phase of movement on the left fore leg. Also since returning from hospital Dennis had a constantly swollen head as a result of inflammation around the catheter site on his left neck.


It was decided to treat Dennis with chiropractic initally, as well as some massage and stretching of the affected shoulder to help start to loosen up the musculature. Interestingly he already had some mild fixations in his upper neck and pelvis presumably picked up when he was a young horse or when he was being broken in- it is never too soon to start treatment!


Following the first treatment Dennis came back in from the field later that day and nolonger had a swollen head. His head has remained unswollen ever since! The pictures on the right show a before and after. Presumably chiropractic adjustment of the jaw and neck stimulated the muscles, nerves and vessels in the area helping them to clear the swelling. 


At his second appointment one week later Dennis was moving much more freely through his left fore shoulder and was nolonger painful on palpation. The firmness was still present but much improved. He was treated again with some massage and acupressure techniques (Dennis was too needle shy after all his previous injections to tolerate acupuncture), which his owner continued thereafter. He commenced walking exercise that day and has now completed a full recovery.




A great success!

Mads is a 10 year old eventer competing regularly at BE Novice level. He has previously been diagnosed with hock and coffin joint arthritis which is managed with cortisone injections when necessary. He had previously had physiotherapy, but not chiropractic treatment. 


Mad's owner was concerned that in spite of recent medication Mads was still not going forwards well and was stiff and difficult to engage, especially on the left rein.


On motion palpation of the joints in the spine there was pain and fixation in the right side of the neck, the lumbar spine, and to a lesser extent in the pelvis. These were treated with chiropractic adjustment.


Mads repsonded brilliantly to treatment. He worked more forwards and straighter when schooled later that week and went on to jump a double clear at his event that weekend and won!


Due to his orthopedic problems and high level of work Mads will not hold his adjustments for as long as some horses. However it is clear to see how much he benefits from treating his spine and a horse like him needs to be managed with regular chiropractic (and veterinary) care to keep him performing at his best.


Improving quality of life

Lottie is a 7 year old labrador that was diagnosed with hip dysplasia as a young dog. Her owner had noticed that she had developed quite a lot of tension over her lower back recently and was concerned that this was affecting Lottie's quality of life.


At the first examination Lottie walked with a very hunched gait and arched back- a common sign of back pain. She had significant muscle spasm and pain from the middle of her spine to her pelvis. There were many fixations that were treated with chiropractic adjustment. Her spine and gait were noticably straighter immediately after the treatment.  Lottie was very tired for 10 days following adjustment, but after this was much brighter and more like her old self. 


At the second treatment it was clear that the main problem area was the joint involving the 'anticlinal vertebrae'- the thoracic vertebrae in the middle of the spine that is the transition between the forelimb and hindlimb biomechanics. This is a common place for problems in the dog's spine as there is a lot of force on this joint. Lottie responded even better after the second treatment, although again she was very tired for 7-10 days after treatment. Interestingly she always gets an episode of diarrhoea the day after treatment, presumably due to stimulation of the nerves to her gut in the fixated region of her spine. 


After her initial treatment course Lottie is now able to go for much longer between treatments. Due to her hip dysplasia she will always have a tendency to develop fixations in her spine to compensate, but regular chiropractic care keeps her more comfortable.  Each treatment 'reminds' the brain of the correct movement of the spine so over time she may be able to go for longer periods inbetween appointments. Says Jo, Lottie's owner: "Lottie is doing fabulously we're so pleased with her! It is so lovely to see her walk with a spring in her step again. People comment on how young she looks!"


Lottie relaxing after treatment!

And feeling better again...

Some lovely feedback...


" Both horses had a lesson today with a top British dressage trainer and list 1 judge. She was amazed at how well Pebbles was now cantering and was very pleased with how Millie is going. You were absolutely right when you said that her bad back could possibly be caused by her hocks or something similar. Both of these huge improvements down to you, thank you so much!"

Anne with 'Mille' and 'Pepper'

" After my point to point mare was treated by Annie-Rose she moved more freely and lost her tendency to hang slightly to the left.  She felt more powerful and had obviously benefited from the treatment"

Vicki Parks


"Tommy is going really well since the last treatment. I have got my old horse back- I can feel him using himself properly again! Thanks alot for your help."

Guy Smith


" Just to let you know Freddie is brilliant, he's like a spring chicken! Thank you!"

Katie and Freddie

"Red is going so so much better since his last treatment- the more forward he goes the better he is. Thank you so much"

Victoria and Red


"Indi has been fab since his last treatment and certainly seems happier to be ridden, it took a few weeks for this difference to come through but I think it is definitely showing now." 
Helen and Indianna


" With special thanks to Annie the vet for her caring services"

Penny and 'Pepper'


" Many thanks for your help with 'Elizabeth'- it's great to find someone we can trust!"

Gill and Keri Jones


" Thankyou so much for your very quiet calm and wonderful support throughout your treatment of 'Seasalt'. You were absolutely brilliant. Many many thanks.

Mrs Stratham