Cattle Chiropractic


Annie regularly carries out chiropractic for cattle.

Just like other species they can get very painful spines, especially breeding bulls and bulling cows who are regularly 'jumping'. As with other aspects of herd management it can be part of preventing problems and optimising health for better production.

Chiropractic may have many benefits for cattle due to stimulation of spinal nerves:
  • Relief from back pain, improving demeanor and reluctance to work.

  • Potentially improved fertility (in the absence of physical abnormality)- improved semen quality and quantity in bulls.

  • Improved production

  • Improved resistance to mastitis.



Signs that an animal may benefit from treatment:
  • 'Arched' spinal posture when standing or walking. Animals with ideal spinal conformation such as the cow above get less problems than those with uneven spines when viewed from the side (right).

  • Lameness causes increased pressure on the spine due to altered gait.

  • Pain or ticklishness on palpation of the spine.

  • Reluctance to work or discomfort during work.

  • Unexplained poor fertility, production or disease.

  • Improved stance and gait for show animals.


Animals are usually treated in a crush. They generally settle very well and enjoy the treatment immensley. Acupuncture may also be carried out although cattle tend to tolerate this less well than horses. 


A discounted rate is offered for farms requiring multiple animals treated or routine visits. Please contact us for more information.