Conventional Medicine

Holistic therapies are not here to replace conventional medicine. Unlike medicine they aim to maintain the body in a state of optimum physical and mental wellbeing. They treat and maintain function, not just pain and disease. They are therefore initially useful as a maintenence treatment in healthy animals and to hopefully prevent problems in the future.

Where pain and disease is present then it is essential that these are diagnosed and treated by the use of traditional medical techniques- for example further diagnostics, imaging and the use of drugs and or surgery as necessary. If Annie suspects underlying pathology, or lameness is present then the options will be discussed with you before any therapy is carried out. Often in subtle poor performance cases it is beneficial to treat the horse with chiropractic first because this will help the horse move more correctly, making it easier to assess the gait if any lameness investigation needs to be carried out. The horse will be referred back to your vet for any further diagnostics.

When pathology is diagnosed a combination of therapies is often the most effective for the horse. Drugs such as anti-inflammatories can give a fast and effective reduction in symptoms and stop the disease progressing. They can be targeted specifically at the effected joint. Chiropractic and acupuncture can then be used in conjunction with this to try and restore normal range of motion and function in both the effected area and the whole body. Ideally the joint is medicated first, then chiropractic treatment can be begun 5-7 days later.